Truck arrived @9:03 AM


You certainly came through in the clutch. We’ll chalk this one up in the win column.




Loadtracker update.


Your service has been the best!




thank you for your efforts

If I haven’t said it enough, thank you for your efforts thus far. I really do appreciate the magnitude of this project and it’s challenges.


Distribution Analyist

Major Food Company.







Updates were most helpful.

The updates you did yesterday were timely and precise. That seemed to help keep people calmer. It looks like we got all of the tankers that we expected yesterday. Thanks for your help once again.


Great job!

Thank you Craig. We appreciate the effort it takes to support us this time of year !



Excellent communication and professionalism.

Penny/Craig, I received the load at 1550 EDT today and can’t tell you how nice it has been working with you. Also, I can’t compliment the driver enough for his excellent communication and professionalism

Great Customer Service

The Kan-Haul folks always come through for us. If its 25 containers from South America or an emergency load of drums from the North West to one of our South Eastern plants they always make it happen. Thanks Kan-Haul.

Satisfied Customer from a Major Food Company


Kept our plants running.

Hi Craig,

First let me thank you for the job your company did on the shipments we recently sent to you.



Kevin W

We used to often ship 20+ tankers per day to a huge customer in the Northeast from the West Coast.  Kan-Haul got it done and may be able to help when you need it.

One call and it is done.

They are always there for me in a pinch and have been for many years. Our P.O. approval often moves at a slower pace which requires quick reaction from my suppliers and Kan-Haul always keeps my production lines on time. I get email updates which shows when my loads will arrive so I can time my crews more effectively, They save us money were not wasting time were informed and plan our productions efficiently.


Major Food Company East Coast