pioneer in the freight and shipping industry

Excellence in Shipping for 100 Years!

Kan-Haul has been a pioneer in the freight and shipping industry, and our roots date back for over 100 years. Take advantage of all our years of experience and put them to work for You!

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Track your Shipment from Pick up to Delivery

Track your Shipment from Pick up to Delivery

Peace of mind is part of the deal when you ship with Kan-Haul. We’ll put our real-time tracking software LoadTracker into your hands so you can be fully informed about your shipment.

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Domestic and International Shipping

Domestic and International Shipping

Wherever you need to ship liquid food locally or internationally, by land or by sea, look no further than Kan-Haul. We have a vast worldwide network that will bring your products safely to their destination. We’ll work to meet your transport needs – your satisfaction is our top priority!

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Liquid Food Grade Transportation from KanHaulFood Grade Transportation from Kan-Haul

Over 30 years of specialization in liquid food products transportation both domestic and international has made Kan-Haul a logistics leader as a food grade transportation company. Timely delivery and reliability coupled with unsurpassed safety and food handling procedures has given Kan-Haul the leadership role.

Our Services

Kan-Haul has developed a wide arsenal of services tailored to meet the varied needs of our diverse customer base. Whether your shipment is domestic or international, Food products or building materials, Kan-Haul offers a dedicated food grade carriers and unbeatable customer service.

Where We Transport

Kan-Haul, Inc. is proud to provide food grade transportation, and ships both locally and internationally. View our map showing locations we currently service around the globe.

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How We Transport

Food Grade Transportation – How we do it:

Tanker Shipping
Interested in having your goods transported by tanker? View our wide selection of tanker food transportation services.

Refrigerated / Temperature Controlled Shipping
Need to transport temperature sensitive materials? View our refrigerated shipping options.

Flatbed Shipping
Looking for the versatility of shipping via flatbed? Look no further than our excellent Flatbed shipping options.

Iso-tank Shipping
Cutting edge transportation technology implemented by Kan-Haul, Inc. Find out more!

Flexi-tank Shipping
Making use of Flexi-tanks, Kan-Haul remains an industry leader in the shipping world.

Shipping Safety Procedures
We practice a rigid adherence to the highest cleaning and safety measures of all food grade carriers. Learn more!

Take some time to look over the site, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about how we can take care of your food transportation needs.