Refrigerated Transport

Important Factors to Consider for Refrigerated Transportation

February 22, 2022

Important Factors to Consider for Refrigerated Transportation

The shelves inside supermarkets are continuously stocked and restocked with fresh produce and food products sourced from all over the world. All of this is made possible thanks to modern technology in the form of refrigerated transportation. But ... Read More »

transportation considerations for temperature Sensitive bulk liquid transport

May 7, 2020

Transportation Considerations For Temperature Sensitive Bulk Liquid Transport

The world is dependent upon a variety of liquids for different purposes. A percentage of such substances are needed to maintain proper bodily hydration, while others play a vital in fueling homes, businesses, vehicles, and other transportation ... Read More »

tanker trucks

August 9, 2017

Interesting Things to Know About Tanker Trucks

The use of tanker trucks, whether that involves bulk liquid transport or the pickup and delivery of food grade items, is an invaluable aspect of businesses that require such services. Yet there are some fascinating facts connected to these ... Read More »

liquid trucking

July 13, 2015

What Exactly is Bulk Liquid Transportation?

The concept of liquid transport has many different aspects that need to be taken under consideration. The commodities being carried, as they relate to bulk liquid transportation sometimes have a public safety component attached to it, since ... Read More »

Refridgerated Transportation

June 12, 2015

The Cool History of Refrigerated Transportation

The concept of having food, medical supplies and other merchandise sent great distances without having it spoil is a given, thanks to refrigerated transportation. However, such circumstances weren’t always the case, with the evolution of this ... Read More »

refrigerated transportation

January 22, 2014

Refrigerated Transport Reliability

Kan-Haul is able to ship many different types of liquid and solid food products. We can do this because of our diverse methods of shipping. Kan-Haul is proud to be able to offer climate controlled shipping for a wide variety of liquid and solid ... Read More »