Carriers are the Backbone of Kan-Haul

Kan-Haul has a proud history and has been in the business of moving freight with speed and skill for many decades. Now an industry leader in food grade bulk liquid transport, Kan-Haul is committed to maintaining this tradition and expanding their worldwide reach. With such critical loads, a carrier who is equally driven to provide safe and timely delivery is an essential part of this team.

A Commitment to Quality

Since we focus on carrying food-grade bulk liquids, the trucker is both the quality control inspector and the face of Kan-Haul. It is he or she who ensures the tanker is properly cleaned by a certified wash station, and can assure the customer that their load is safe with Kan-Haul. Below is a guide the carrier can use to become familiar with the guidelines covering the transport of bulk food liquids. We both helped create these rigorous standards and strive to lead the industry in adhering to them.

Top-Notch Equipment

Kan-Haul is justly proud of our excellent collection of equipment. We have the tools to meet virtually any shipping requirement. Refrigerated loads, ISO tanks, tanker trailers and even flatbeds are available to ensure your cargo gets to its destination in a timely and safe manner.

Passionate About Customer Satisfaction

We take our position as the link between the sending customer and the receiving customer very seriously. While the load is entrusted to us, we carefully watch over it while maintaining our commitment to timely pickup and delivery. Our goal is for these food grade liquids to arrive at their destination on time and in excellent condition.