March 13, 2017

Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks

flatbed truck transportationIf you are searching for the best type of transportation for your needs, a flatbed truck may be just what you are looking for. These commercial vehicles have many qualities that make them ideal for hauling. They are designed with a level and fully flat bed that does not have any hindering sides or roof. This design allows you to use a flatbed truck to hold items of varying shapes and sizes that enclosed trucks simply cannot handle. Due to its many useful qualities, the flatbed truck has become a valuable way to carrying goods for a wide range of businesses. The following is a list of specific ones and exactly how they have made flatbed transportation a part of their day-to-day activities.


The landscaping business has found flatbed transportation carriers to be a vital part of their normal work day. These trucks are ideal for carrying large items such as oversized trees, landscaping tools, and various sizes of timber that can be quite challenging with other forms of transportation. Without a doubt, flatbed trucks are the best choice when it comes to hauling these items. Most flatbed trucks have a bed length of 12 to 20 feet. This combined with the absence of sides and a roof will make it possible to carry just about any object. Landscapers can now easily remove full grown trees and any waste product such as yard scraps and tree trimmings from the work site.

Construction Companies

Construction companies often take advantage of the many benefits provided by flatbed transportation companies. They use flatbeds to haul their large and heavy equipment as well as their tools. These trucks are also perfect for carrying materials like cement, wood, and steel frames. Side rails are sometimes added to allow for a larger carrying capacity depending on the services needed.

Towing Service

It seems as though flatbed transportation was made for the towing industry as it suits their needs perfectly. These trucks are ideal for pulling or towing smaller vehicles such as cars. A flatbed truck’s large diesel engine helps provide the necessary torque for towing these smaller vehicles. They are also perfect for disabled vehicles.

Courier Services

One does not immediately think of a courier service when they are talking about flatbed trucks, but even they need the occasional help of a flatbed truck. These types of businesses occasionally face the problems associated with delivering a large, heavy or awkwardly shaped product. When they find it necessary to move machinery parts or heavy equipment from one place to another, flatbed trucks make the most sense. They can handle the added weight, and due to the open design, these trucks are not limited when it comes to oddly shaped cargo.


Farmers, as well as ranchers, can greatly benefit from the use of flatbed transportation carriers. The areas they work in can often seem like rough terrain for more common forms of transportation. This is especially true when it comes to hauling large or heavy items. The double tire configuration of these immensely useful trucks allows them to run on mud and dirt covered areas that are quite common on farms and ranches. It makes it possible for them to carry grains, feed, and other needed farm commodities without a hassle.

As you can see, flatbed trucks provide a much-needed service to many different types of businesses. If you think a flatbed truck service would be the solution to many of your business hauling needs, call Kan-haul today. We offer decades of flatbed truck transportation experience with prompt and reliable around the clock delivery.

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