April 7, 2015

Logistics in the Food Industry

Food Transport LogisticsWhen you are new to logistics in the food industry as a small business or farm owner, it can be difficult to understand the truck transportation side of things as it pertains to liquid food transport for bulk products like wine, vegetable oil, milk, sugar products, and more. Of course, knowledge is power, and having the right information about the bulk food carrier industry will improve your profits.

Food Logistics Work for Everyone

Did you know that products produced in America can be shipped elsewhere to be processed and then shipped back to their original location to be placed for sale? A good example is how fish is caught in the US, shipped to Asia to be turned into filets, and then shipped back to America for sale. Other common products such as year-round peas are sometimes grown almost exclusively in one Central American country — only to turn up on every American’s dinner table. If you enjoy lemons or kiwis year-round, you probably have the massive world-wide cold storage food chain to thank. Believe it or not, even the smallest food producers can jump into the worldwide web of food production just by hiring the right food carrier company.

What do Logistics in the Food Industry Transport?

Most small business owners assume that if they hire a professional trucking company for food transport, they must need enough product to fill the entire semi-tractor trailer. Nothing could be further from the truth, and, as a matter of fact, many of the products transported on a regular basis with specialized trucking equipment are in small containers. Whether foods need refrigerated transport in temperature-controlled carriers, or can be shipped at room temperature, the important thing is that the product arrives unspoiled and uncontaminated. This why carrier companies that specialize in food transport are preferred. This is particularly true if the product is bulk liquid and requires special transport in a food-grade flexible tank.

Some of the uncommon products found on food carrier trucks besides typical bulk liquids like wine or dairy are:

  • Rum

  • Honey

  • Sugar alcohols

  • Amino acids

  • Aromatic chemicals

  • Glycerin

  • Witch hazel

  • Chocolate liquor

  • Egg yolks

  • Plant mash

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Yeast

The Quality of Food Haulers Matters

There is a good reason that people in the food industry use hauling companies that specialize in food transport. After all, the trucks that transport the products you produce to larger markets are vital to your profit margins in key ways. If you use any old trucking company to ship your products when they arrive, you could have unfortunate consequences. For example, if the products have not been kept fresh they will be returned, your reputation will suffer, and you can find yourself without a market to sell to.

Choose the Best and Leave the Worry to Us

To get the optimal results you have been looking for, you will need to choose a company that has a fleet of specialized trucks that are regularly maintained and inspected for food safety. A professional food hauling company will also have specialized equipment such as top-rated air-ride hydraulics systems and refrigerated trailers. Trucks that are newer are also less likely to break down and cause delivery delays.

Naturally, we have the type of equipment you need for food grade transport. When you are ready to choose a dependable food grade carrier company that has trucks that will ensure you get your high-quality products to market, contact Kan-Haul. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have, and we thank you in advance for choosing us. To get started, give us a call and leave the delivery details with a company you can trust.

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