September 24, 2015

How to Choose a Reliable Refrigerated Transportation Company

Refrigerated TransportationWhen you own a business that is ready to start using services related to a food grade tanker trucking company, the process can seem a bit overwhelming. This is especially true if you are shipping food grade products for the first time overseas. However, with the right advice, even a newcomer to the food tanker transport world can get the services they need at a competitive price. Written below, we have taken the time to explain how KanHaul offers additional benefits free of cost that place us a step ahead of the rest.

What newcomers need to know about food grade tankers

One of the biggest issues facing newcomers to the food grade trucking business is understanding whether or not they fit in in the first place. This may be because the load you want to ship does not seem big enough to fill up an entire transfer truck. Regardless, it is these small orders produced by family-owned farms that are predominant customers with KanHaul. In fact, our large company caters to customers that produce specific food items that need their own system of transportation due to stringent religious food laws. For example, Jewish and Muslim Kosher or Halal food laws prohibit certain types of transportation and truck cleaning methods. Instead of focusing on big companies exclusively, we make sure that each customer finds the services they need for food grade transportation no matter how small their harvest is.

Does the food I produce need liquid bulk transport?

Once we are sure customers feel that they are welcome, the next step is to help them understand if they need food grade transportation for liquids. The reason for this is due to the specific transportation laws for food grade bulk liquids. Although there are transfer trucks for bulk food grade liquids that require an entire tank, there are also other methods available for transporting food grade liquids in smaller quantities. By and large, one of the main reasons that small producers contact us is because they know we can get their bulk liquids to market with low prices and the high quality specifications that farmers wholesale markets require by law. In other words, if you have a buyer for your bulk liquids, we have the refrigerated food grade transportation you need.

The types of bulk liquid transport that we address with either a full-capacity, temperature-controlled tank or a smaller food grade flexible plastic tank carried on a refrigerated truck (Flexi-Tanks) are as follows:

  • Wine
  • Oils
  • Bulk fragrances
  • Juices
  • Non-carbonated alcohols
  • Spring water
  • Jams/jellies pureed fruit
  • Honey
  • Prepared sauces

What makes a food grade tanker trucking company the best

By far, the biggest indicator that a food grade trucking company is the best is that they suit every aspect of your needs. As someone new to this industry, you may not find all of the information you need by browsing a website. Instead, calling and asking for a consultation where you explain in detail what you think you need from a food grade tanker transport situation will get you not only the knowledge that you are seeking, but all of the details including pricing that you can use in researching other companies. Nonetheless, we believe at KanHaul that by working closely together, we can help you to understand how food shipping works, and how it affects your bottom line. In summary, if you want to make your profit margin every time, working with the professionals can help you meet your goals.

What an irresponsible food tanker transport company looks like

Sadly, there are too many food grade tankers that simply do not deliver the quality they promise. Some things for newcomers to look out for are complaints from the bulk food purchaser. If they complain about food tankers that arrive significantly late or deliver food products at the wrong temperatures — those are your major signs that something is terribly wrong. Some of the possible angles that could be amiss with the wrong food tanker company include unprofessional staff that do not respect the delivery schedule (which can cause your buyer contract to get canceled) or trucks that are too old to provide consistent refrigerated truck temperatures.

How KanHaul makes you a success

At Ken Hall, we have several time-tested methods in place that ensure we have the lowest margin of error in the business. This goes beyond hiring the right staff, and also means investing in a fleet of modern food grade tankers and trucks that are designed to keep our clients ahead of the game. We also employ a great deal of technology that ensures that products arrived on time and within the correct quality range. All of this means that your orders never get returned because of something the transportation company screwed up. With this kind of reliability, you will find that your overall costs per year are greatly reduced, and you may find that other areas of your businesses finances (such as increasing your bank credit due to consistently deliverable food products) are able to grow strong.

Naturally, if you are looking for a food grade bulk transportation company, you can call us to help you get a better understanding of this unique industry. Our friendly staff are always happy to help you with any of your questions, simply contact us today. Thank you in advance for choosing KanHaul, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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