July 9, 2014

Trucking Industry News Highlights

At Kan-Haul, we strive to be the best carrier in the industry. We specialize in food grade transportation and logistics, carrying food and beverages from suppliers to distributors all over the country and internationally. As a leading food logistics providers, we also understand the importance of staying on top of industry trends, news and regulations.

Here, we present you with some industry news for your information. Click here to learn what products we ship. Please contact us by filling out our contact form, or call us for service at 1-800-959-9501 today!

Texas Energy Boom Drives Trucker Hiring

The shale oil boom in Texas has boosted the state’s economy significantly, along with a hiring blitz for truck drivers. Experienced drivers with clean records are getting salaries in the six figures.

Call for Electronic Devices to Monitor Trucks

Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY) called for regulations requiring trucks to have electronic devices that monitor how long a cab has been driven consecutively. Currently, drivers manually report their driving time. This comes after the accident involving Tracy Morgan and a driver who was alleged to be fatigued from lack of sleep.

Uber for Trucking

Application developer Cargomatic has created a program that allows truckers to connect with shippers in a similar way the popular Uber app allows people to connect with cab drivers. The effect let’s drivers fill their unused cargo space easier and provide discount incentives to shippers.

Pennsylvania Food Carrier Gets Dumped

The state of Pennsylvania required a truck carrying food to dump 2,000 lbs. of food after inspections revealed they were being kept at unsafe temperatures.

Comment Deadline Extended for Proposed FDA Rules

The FDA extended the comment deadline for its proposed regulatory changes affecting food haulers nationwide. The industry is being sought for feedback regarding these regulations. There has not been any discussion yet so far concerning the economic impact. Most of these requirements are already standard practice for professional carriers, but having them codified as law exposes companies to risks of fines and penalties.

Kan-Haul is a leading food grade trucking company. Please contact us by filling out our contact form, or call us for service at 1-800-959-9501 today!

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