October 16, 2020

Temperature Control Solutions for Bulk Wine Transport

Temperature Control Solutions for Bulk Wine TransportBulk liquid transport is an essential process that gets our food-grade liquids where they need to go, safely and efficiently. One important factor that goes into the process is the temperature that certain liquids need to remain to ensure they do not spoil. As a leading wine transport company in the U.S., the Kan-Haul team understands that you need various temperature control solutions for proper bulk wine transport.

What You Need to Know About U.S. Wine Transportation

Like other alcohol types, bulk wine transport has several aspects that need serious and immediate consideration before the travel process can even occur.

Shipping/Packaging Needs

Shipping bulk liquids takes quite a bit of consideration when it comes to packaging products and how to ship them. When a consumer goes to purchase their product, it’s already packaged into its bottle. However, when shipping that liquid, the distributor must decide between shipping the individual bottles or shipping in a large liquid food-grade tanker truck. For example, bulk wine transport is made easier when done in a large tank and is often more cost-effective.

Alcohol Regulations Across Your Route

You will also have to consider the route taken during bulk wine transport because many areas are considered “dry” and do not allow for the transportation of any alcohol in their area. It’s crucial that you take the time to consider these small details and all rules and regulations to avoid things such as tickets and fines.

Weather Considerations

Weather is another important factor in bulk wine transportation in the U.S. because it can affect the type of equipment needed to transport the product safely and to maintain its quality.

Temperature Control

A temperature-controlled vehicle is crucial to U.S. wine transport because it allows the alcohol to remain at an optimal storage temperature to maintain its integrity and doesn’t spoil. The temperature can also play a role in the integrity of the packaging and even the bottle’s labels.

Bulk Wine Transport Options Worth Considering

With all these factors in consideration, it’s time to choose the right transportation option for bulk wine transport. The wine transport company you choose to work with will likely have a few carrier options to choose from. Two of the most common vehicles include ISO tanks and Flexitanks.

ISO Tanks

ISO tanks are made of stainless steel and have a greater capacity than other carriers, such as flexitanks. These tanks are pressurized and insulated cylindrical tanks that allow for mass transport of liquids, including various alcohols. They are also an ideal transportation vessel because they can maintain a specific temperature, ensuring the product arrives as it should.


The flexitank is a piece of cutting edge technology produced right here in the U.S. and allows shippers to transport bulk liquid safely, ergonomically, and reliably. They also provide the shippers with the Wine Pac, a shipping option designed to handle bulk wine transport requirements.

The flexitank comes in 3 pieces, a big red flexitank, a barrier wear sleeve, and the shipping container. Using the flexitank Wine Pac ensures that your bulk wine transport goes smoothly and keeps the temperature stable, as bulk liquid has greater thermal inertia. Shipping these volumes in Pacs helps lessen the temperature variation wine experiences during transportation.

Choose Kan-Haul for Your Bulk Wine Transport Needs

Bulk wine transport requires the right transportation vehicles and that the right protocols be followed. Here at Kan-Haul, we have several refrigerated transportation options to work with – meaning we’ve got the solution you need.

Curious how we can help with your bulk wine transport needs? Then contact us today or give us a call at Call us at (800) 959-9501 for more information.

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