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Flexitank Transport

A step forward for Shipping Liquids
The Flexi Tank is a piece of cutting edge transportation technology produced in the USA that allows us to ship liquids in a way that offers a new level of safety, reliability and environmental friendliness. Widely considered the best flexi wine bags in the world, Flexi-Tanks allow much more reliable international liquid transportation, and are a breakthrough in liquid shipping convenience.

Some benefits of the Flexi-Tank:

  • Provide the highest quality and safest bulk packaging products available
  • Total global logistics solutions and support services
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Training and certification of loading/unloading process at customer locations worldwide
  • Immediate Emergency Response to any location worldwide within 48 hours
  • Assistance in proper disposal and recycling.

Wine Pac, and why we use it:

Wine Pac is an offering from the makers of Flexi Tanks that is tailored specifically to handle the requirements necessary for shipping wine.

View a PDF showing a summary of the Wine Pac, and the benefits it provides

Here’s an expanded view of the wine pac:

Flexi Tanks tailored for shipping wine.

Flexi-Tank Resources:

And here’s how it all comes together:

Big Red Flexitank

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