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International Liquid Transport

International Liquid Shipping from Kan-Haul, Inc.Pioneers in the Industry
Kan-Haul has no intention of falling out of touch with new developments in the industry. For this reason, we prioritize staying on the cutting edge of technological developments in domestic and international shipping. We’re proud of the tools we use, and they enable us to provide the highest possible level of service, ensuring reliable deliveries, on time, and in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We do everything within our power to ensure that our transport and shipping methods are unsurpassed in the industry. Please read on to find out more about the tools that make us a global force in international Liquid Transportation.

International Shipping Tools

Flexi Tank

The Flexi tank is one element of the cutting edge technology Kan-Haul, Inc. is leveraging in order to make global transport as safe, reliable and efficient as possible! The image below shows the Flexi tank in action:

International Shipping and Flexi-tank transport offered by Kan-Haul
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Iso Tank

Transport in Iso Tanks with KanHaul, Inc.The Iso Tank is yet another incredible tool enabling us to provide cutting edge International Shipping, resulting in more speedy delivery, and a safer environment for perishable goods. These insulated, high pressure tanks create an environment suitable for alcohol transport, and the transport of other more volatile liquids.

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