kosher certified transport tanker

Kosher Certified Transport

Kosher Certified Transport from Kan-Haul, Inc.It’s Official!
Kan-Haul takes pride in their dedication to meeting the individual requirements of their clients and offer Kosher certified liquid food transport while following the highest industry shipping cleanliness standards. Because of the important prerequisites that are involved when transporting Kosher foods, the utmost attention is paid to performing quality procedures ensuring that our containers are Kosher.

Maintaining Kosher transportation involves insuring that the food transport tanks about to transport Kosher foods have not carried any non-kosher foods for three trips previous. Also the tank is cleaned thoroughly after every trip, using high temperature steam cleaning at the recommended Kosher specifications to be absolutely certain to maintain the tanks Kosher status.


Vaad Hoeir Kosher CertificationKof-K Kosher Certification

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