Transporting Bulk Food

Transportation Safety

Safety First!
Kan-Haul has been a leader in establishing the procedures for clean and safe transportation of liquid food products in bulk liquid tankers. There has been great progress over the past decades. The industry has come a long way from the days when the only requirement for the previous load was that the previous load had to be “water soluble”.

Kan-Haul prescribes to the strictest tank cleaning procedures in the industry, following the Juice Products Association standards in combination with individual client’s requirements.

  • Juice Products AssociationKan-Haul is a member of the JPA and abides by their safety standards
  • Tankers that only carry food grade bulk products only
  • We have been approved for Kosher Certificatied Food Transportation where required
  • The tanker must be clearly labeled FOOD GRADE ONLY in large visible letters
  • Proper cleaning of the tanker prior to loading as required by the NJPA and or the particular customers Quality Control standards an enforced by Kan-Haul strict monitoring protocols
  • Recording the three previous loads prior to loading and presented to shipper on the required forms with a viable Food Grade Only washout ticket
  • Insurance is provided on all shipments. We are bonded and insured – from pickup through delivery your shipment is fully covered

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