August 12, 2015

How Shipping Food Internationally Works

global food shippingWhen it comes to international food transport and shipping food internationally, simply having trucks or rail cars cross the border into Canada could qualify in this select category. However, most companies that deal in this facet of the shipping industry cut a much wider swath that can often span halfway across the world.

The Importance of International Food Transport

That’s because with the world population growing every day, the need for additional food in all areas naturally expands. In many cases, this food needs to be shipped from an international source due to lack of domestic access to certain items.

Some countries or regions import the vast majority of certain items in this manner. For example, in Britain, more than half the vegetables eaten there have been imported, while 95 percent of the fruit that reaches their shores is also brought over from international firms.

Given the vast distance between the United States and some countries, the need for items related to the safe transport of such food is integral to being able to eventually consume the product. That means having the proper refrigeration in place to keep the product fresh and edible. In addition, making sure that all safety concerns related to the transport are taken into consideration, along with the proper following of the necessary regulations are issues that can’t be ignored.

The Different International Shipping Processes

The refrigerated process involves placing perishable items in shipping containers that maintain cool or frigid temperatures (depending on just how perishable the item is) throughout the course of travel.

When it comes to non-perishables, regular containers can be used. However, depending on the direct line of travel and the time of year, it may be more advantageous to use the refrigerated containers. That’s because items placed in regular containers could pass through warm tropical areas, resulting in humid conditions that can ruin the items inside.

In addition to the many possible destinations, there are also a wide variety of liquid items that can be shipped in this fashion. These include: milk and dairy products, citrus and juice items, syrups, vegetable oils different types of alcohol and non-food products that require specific oils. Other items, like additives and preservatives, along with things like chocolate or eggs are also part of this equation.

The proper maintenance of these items is absolutely essential, since overseas companies can not only reject items ruined by poor planning, but also because of the mere appearance of something being not quite right with their product. The fact that more than 1.6 million tons of food is wasted every year is indicative of the value of choosing the right transport company.

The Need for Proper Food Grade Logistics

Figuring out food grade logistics is something that can often tax a company’s resources in the food industry. That’s due to not being aware of certain advantages that are available by working with companies that have such issues under control.

These companies have state-of-the-art technology that keeps them on top of any issues that surface with their overseas transports. By using this software, they’re able to maintain a daily focus on exactly where a container might be, and monitor that progress for any glitches or problems.

There are other aspects that companies need to be aware of when it comes to finding the right partner to handle their food grade logistics. These include determining a company’s ability to handle all of the loading and unloading of products, scheduling concerns, as well as taking care of insurance for any damage to or loss of a product in transport.

Finally, the many different customs issues that can crop up due to the international status of this shipping are also vital components that can be handled when employing the right company.

The Best Decision

The value of connecting with the right international food transport company is something that can provide reassurance to a business whose survival depends on making the right choice. Not only is peace of mind achieved, but the headaches connected with food grade logistics are eliminated. For more information on what we can do for your bulk liquid logistics, contact Kan-Haul today.

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