May 15, 2015

What Is Kosher Transport and How Do I Find These Services?

Are you interested in kosher transportation of yoKosher Transportur products and do not know where to get started?

You do not need to be Jewish to produce kosher foods for sale, but you do need to guarantee they are prepared and transported in ways that follow kosher food codes. Of course, getting your food produces certified as kosher from beginning to end makes business sense because, in the food industry, you want to make sure that all the products you sell are available to the largest number of customers.

Since some Jewish people require their foods to be kosher, they will only buy products that are certified in this way. Interestingly, staying kosher also means that the foods you eat are transported and cleaned in ways that fit the kosher criteria. To learn more about the unique kosher hauling and transport industry, a guide has been created below to help food producers understand the purpose behind kosher carriers.

Evaluating your products for a kosher buyers market

In rare instances, the food products you produce will violate a kosher food law, and not be an acceptable item. However, if you have a request from a kosher food buyer to buy your products, they will help you gain a better understanding of forbidden foods. For example, non-Jewish people that do not keep kosher may not be aware that lard, shellfish, and meats that are not verified by a rabbi are forbidden foods for keeping kosher.

Interesting kosher rules

In many ways, keeping kosher is easy for customers because they only need to look for a symbol on the label of their product to know if it is kosher. Behind the scenes, making kosher products often contains rules that may seem strange to outsiders. For instance, kosher foods cannot share steam while with non-kosher foods. This is particularly important in industrial kitchens that move many different types of products through an industrial kitchen on the same day. A good example is pasta sauce. One other aspect that affects food producers is that transportation vehicles that haul raw ingredients to industrial kitchens also need to be kosher.

How kosher food transport works

No matter which foods make up a kosher food product like spaghetti sauce, they must arrive at the preparation factory in kosher-certified food carriers. The main idea is that the foods avoid other non-kosher meat-based products under all circumstances. Cleaning the vehicle does not make it able to be kosher if non-kosher foods have been used in that vehicle at any time.

Foods that are specifically transported kosher

Not all foods need strict kosher transport, but the ones that do are often shipped in tankers. Certain foods are transported to end up as kosher-edible, and this means they require their own tankers so that they will not violate kosher laws. Good examples are fatty acids or glycerin derived from a non-kosher animal source.

Other foods that require kosher tankers are:

  • Vinegars
  • Whey
  • Alcohol
  • Liquid sugars
  • Milk
  • Liquid egg products

How food carriers are kept kosher

Along with restricting what is carried in a kosher food transport tank, washing the inside of the tank must also follow kosher rules. For instance, tanker wash facilities can only use fresh water. There are also extra measures taken that ensure that the water is not contaminated in other ways from being used with kosher and non-kosher washing facilities. In many cases, the complications around keeping kosher certification for the vehicles means that separate kosher tank-washing facilities are used.

Is kosher transportation popular?

Although kosher food transport seems so complicated that few tanker companies are available, nothing could be further from the truth. Across America, there are over 1000 kosher food transportation carriers used regularly by carrier companies. These tankers also enjoy kosher-specific tank-wash facilities, and use all of the modern bulk tanker transport options available to non-kosher clients. In other words, kosher transport is very popular, and continues to grow as a market.

What to expect from kosher transportation

When you order services from a transportation company that specializes in kosher food carriers, you will notice that they may have tankers dedicated to one particular type of food product. This is due to the fact that kosher foods often have strict rules, and this can lead to a tight scheduling of services. There may also be extra paperwork involved at pickup that pertains to the extra measures taken to ensure foods are kosher. By and large, you will notice that the transportation truck is kosher because it has a “COR” decal affixed somewhere on the vehicle.

Hire Kan-Haul for your kosher bulk food transportation

When you need reliable food transportation services that know how to keep kosher around the clock, give us a call! We guarantee the inspected and updated certifications you require to ensure you are competitive in the kosher bulk food market. To get a better explanation of what you need to do to transport solid or bulk liquids, contact Kan-Haul today

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