February 28, 2019

5 Ways Flexitanks Can Save You Money Transporting Bulk Liquids

Find out a variety of ways how flexitanks can save you money transporting bulk liquids. Contact Kan-Haul to learn more about bulk liquid transport.Shipping liquids can be challenging. There are traditional methods of accomplishing the shipping, but there are various options. One of these options is flexitank transportation. Kan-Haul offers flexitank shipping Dallas. There are a variety of reasons why flexitanks can help a company save money.

The following are 5 ways.

  1. Reduced packaging

    When you use flexitank transport, you are eliminating all the waste caused by traditional shipping. If you are shipping large volumes of liquid the traditional way, you need to use bottles or containers, pallets, packaging to keep the containers from breaking, shrink wrap to hold the crates in place, and other materials. Paying for a flexitank is cheaper than paying for all the packaging needed to ship the product. It also reduces the money spent on recycling all the packaging materials.

  2. Fewer workers needed

    Traditional packaging takes workers to package the containers, wrap the skids, and prepare the shipment for transportation. This can take more than a few people to facilitate. When the company chooses to use a flexitank, it only takes a few people to prepare the shipment and get it loaded. Reducing the number of workers needed saves money on labor and all the benefits that go along with maintaining full-time employees, like health insurance.

  3. Increased volume

    The volume of product that can be transported at one time in the smallest container is with a flexitank. If you compare the volume that would be transported in bottles and crates it is substantially less than if that volume was put into a flexitank. Being able to ship more products at one time reduces the cost of additional materials needed to ship the product. If the company ships one flexitank, it may hold enough product that would cost much more if shipped in a traditional manner.

  4. Shortened loading and unloading

    It only takes a few people to load the liquid into the flexitank. This can be done in about 90 to 120 minutes. This is compared to the 3 to 5 hours needed to fill a 20-foot ISO container. Additionally, after the product is loaded into the flexitank, it does not need to change containers, so it goes from manufacturer to end user. Using traditional shipping, the product sometimes needs to be transferred to different containers, putting the integrity of the product at risk. This is eliminated with a flexitank. This means that there is a reduced cost of labor.

  5. Single-use

    When using a traditional tank, after the product is delivered, the tank needs to be returned and cleaned. This demands more staff and more time, especially if chemicals were shipped. On the other hand, flexitanks are used once. After they are unloaded, they are recycled, and it takes virtually no time for disposal.

So, the company does not have to worry about cleaning or returning the empty tank. Additionally, it reduces any kind of contamination that could happen if the cleaning is not done properly. This also means that the company does not have to worry about paying shipping charges to send the tank back. This saves a lot of money.

So, if the company is looking to ship more products in a more efficient manner while saving money, they should try flexitank shipping. This kind of shipping lets the company enjoy a shorter loading and unloading time while being able to save money and maintaining the integrity of the products being shipped. It is an option that should be researched and considered for any company shipping a liquid product. Kan-Haul has been a part of the bulk liquid transport business for the last three decades. So when deciding on exactly who to choose for this important matter, make sure to contact us at (800) 959-9501 so we can help get you going with a flexitank.

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