October 21, 2022

How Do Food Grade Transportation Companies Work in the Winter

How Do Food Grade Transportation Companies Work in the WinterThe food industry is one of the rare sectors that experiences no slow periods throughout the year. After all, food is always in demand, and businesses must keep up with consumer demands no matter the season.

Due to numerous holidays, winter is the busiest time of the year for businesses in this trade. Unfortunately, it’s also the season when delays and difficulties in deliveries arise. Transportation during this time is challenging due to dropping temperatures, icy roads and increased food demand. Trucks and tankers also require more maintenance because of cold weather, which can further cause more setbacks in dispatch and distribution.

Fortunately, there are trucking companies that make food grade transport possible for winter. They haul foods from farms, markets and warehouses and deliver the items to their destination safely and on schedule.

Keep reading to get a better idea of how food grade transportation works in the colder season, so you can make informed decisions the next time you’re looking for top-notch transport solutions.

The Winter Transfer Truck Secret

One of the surprising things about the food grade transport industry is that even though they are competitors, all truckers talk to each other when times are tough on the road. The old style of radios used by truckers may have some upgrades, but when there are winter storms, everyone with a CB radio works together.

Obviously, without this secret weapon, America would come to a standstill if truckers did not honor their sacred code of safety. In the end, the CB radio communication during challenging weather conditions keeps pickup or delivery schedules within a reasonable range.

Navigating Low Temperatures With Temperature-Sensitive Foods

Although they look like simple transfer trucks from the outside, inside is a sophisticated system of temperature control that makes the American food grade transportation industry shine worldwide. While many Americans are accustomed to the need to keep foods cool, they may not understand the mechanisms required to keep food from freezing.

The same systems that keep foods frozen or at room temperature in the wintertime can be adjusted to compensate for freezing outside conditions. In other words, if you are worried about your product losing quality due to the freezing weather, understand that this is no longer the same issue it was in the past.

Equipping Transfer Trucks for Icy Roads

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road and watched transfer trucks sail by as if they could take on any icy weather conditions on the road? Interestingly, many transfer trucks have the edge over family cars because of their weight.

In addition, trucks can be equipped to withstand less-than-favorable winter weather road conditions because of the way newer trucks are built and reinforcements such as wheel chains, specialized brake systems and unique winterizing mechanical fluids.

How To Supply an Increase in Food Demand in Winter

The food supply chain relies on pickups and deliveries being on time. So naturally, a food grade trucking company will need to deliver fresh foods within a specific time, or the quality will suffer somehow. Nevertheless, one area of food delivery that consumers forget about is stabilizing during emergencies.

This means that when roads are temporarily blocked due to winter storms and transfer trucks have to wait several hours, your produce will be stable while it is waiting around on the side of the road. This quick recovery from disaster with the use of specialized food transport delivery technology is how America can increase food demand even in winter.

Kan-Haul: Offering Food Grade Transport Solutions for Over 30 Years

Kan-Haul is one of the nation’s leading food grade trucking companies offering bulk liquid food grade transportation services for small and large businesses. Since our inception more than three decades ago, our goal is to establish clean and safe transportation procedures for liquid food products.

Throughout the years, we have developed an arsenal of food grade transport solutions to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Whether you need to ship locally or internationally, Kan-Haul makes it happen.

When temperatures drop, our expertise and focus on new equipment come into play. We ensure that our trucks and tankers receive the necessary maintenance for winter weather. For example, we remove all the caked-on debris from de-icing salts to ensure that the dried substance does not damage rubber, plastic or metal truck components. When all the equipment is cleaned, we put it through rigorous testing that challenges the parts.

If any repairs are required, they are addressed immediately by trained technicians, and we keep the right components on hand.

Additionally, we buy the latest models of trucks and retire them within 24 to 36 months. This means you do not need to worry about filing a report with your insurance company because you hired a transportation company that could not deliver due to shoddy equipment.

Call Us for Your Food Grade Transportation Needs!

Just like the post office, Kan-Haul picks up and delivers your food grade products in any weather conditions. While you might find a few snowflakes in your mail, we ensure you get your products delivered in mint condition.

Kan-Haul works to provide the best client experiences based on reliability and integrity. Our friendly staff is always ready to accommodate you if you have questions or concerns. Contact us today for worry-free food grade transportation!

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