September 27, 2012

The Importance of Kosher Certified Industrial Transport

Kan-Haul explains what Kosher certified transportation is, why it is important to the food transport industry and how certification can be earned.

Kan-Haul is proud of our ability to offer clients Kosher certified liquid food transportation that abides by the highest standards of Kosher cleanliness qualifications. There are quite a few prerequisites and processes that are involved with earning Kosher certification and attention to the smallest details is necessary for finishing the application. If you’ve been wondering what Kosher certification for industrial transportation involves, we’d love to share what we’ve learned.

What is Kosher and Why is it Important to Industrial Transportation?

Kosher is not a specific type of food but the method in which food is prepared, meaning that most cuisines can adhere to Kosher standards. While the rules of Kosher are extensive, some requirements are that certain foods (like pigs, rabbits or shellfish) be avoided, meat be slaughtered and cleaned properly, dairy and meat be kept separate and certain utensils should be used during the preparation process. It is a mistake to assume Kosher products are only used by a small minority of businesses serving Jewish communities. However, of the 21% of Americans who intentionally purchase Kosher food, less than a quarter are observant Jews. The market for Kosher products is expanding quickly and includes observers of Halal, vegetarians, vegans, followers of other diet guidelines and consumers who appreciate the strict health and cleanliness standards to which Kosher certified products adhere. Because of the growing popularity of Kosher products, certification to transport these foods and liquids is a consideration that can increase business versatility and profit.  

Who Offers Kosher Certification for Transportation Companies?

There are several organizations that offer Kosher certification covering different regions and countries. In the United States, Kof-K Kosher Supervision and Vaad Hoeir of St Louis (OV) are some of the nation’s leading Kosher certification agencies. Many of these organizations have a country, even worldwide, network that can offer certification no matter where on the globe your food transportation company is located. And many Kosher certification agencies are up-to-date with technology, with websites offering online Kosher certification applications and support.

What is Required to Earn Kosher Certification?

While there might be some difference in the certification process depending on the agency you work with, typically there are around 4 basic steps to earning Kosher certified transport authorization.

Application: Transportation companies desiring to become Kosher certified must first fill out an application which will require basic information regarding your business and facilities. You’ll be required to give details including what services and products you want certified and the equipment and ingredients you use during manufacturing and transportation. Many agencies offer the application online or via email or mail. Once you’ve applied you’ll be contacted by the agency at which point fees and requirements will be discussed and questions can be addressed to your agency contact.  

Inspection: After your application has been reviewed and accepted, a supervisor from the Kosher certification agency will come to your facility and inspect the procedures, equipment and ingredients that are involved with the products submitted to be certified Kosher. Once the inspection is complete, recommendations will be made by the supervisor regarding what you must do to conform to Kosher requirements. At this point it will be up to you to make the changes necessary and then report back to the supervisor for evaluation.

Contract: After the inspection is complete, parameters have been satisfied and your facility is now adhering to Kosher principles, a contract will be drawn up for you to review. This contract includes the standards which much be maintained by your business to preserve Kosher certification, like approved procedures and ingredients. The contract will also include the annual fee for continuing your Kosher certified status.

Certification: Once you’ve reviewed the contract and approved its content, you can sign it and you’re done! You’ve met all the requirements and can now provide consumers across America with certified Kosher products. An option to note: some Kosher certification agencies offer certificates annually or per batch, for industrial clients who don’t need certification year-round, just for an occasional order.

Kan-Haul is Experienced in Kosher Certified Transport

If you’re needing more info on getting a business certified Kosher or need to transport Kosher products feel free to contact us for assistance. We are dedicated to meeting the individual requirements of all our Kosher product clients and we have a lot of experience with Kosher certified liquid food transportation and shipping cleanliness standards. Contact Kan-Haul with your Kosher certification questions and we’d be glad to help out.

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