October 27, 2015

What Happens If Trucks Stopped Hauling in America

food grade transportationIt sounds like a post apocalyptic scene, but if trucks stopped hauling food in America, the way that Americans live, eat, and play would change drastically. Of course, in the past, trucks were not available to transport goods, and Americans can forget how this limitation of choices affected daily life. However, when the things that are shipped with food grade tankers are described, it becomes apparent that the American way of life is firmly planted in the food hauling industry. To get a better idea of how your life would be without food grade refrigerated trucks, keep reading.

Why not only use planes or ships?

Billions of pounds of food are shipped with airplanes or cargo ships everyday, but these are only a couple of cogs in the machine that is the modern food transportation industry. In addition to ships, trains, airplanes and food transport trucks, cold storage warehouses and temperature-controlled trucks are key pieces of the way food goes from farm to table in America. Without any of these components, the fate of the American food supply is at risk. Along with that, a lack of refrigerated trucks would put fresh food in demand and therefore make it unaffordable to most.

The price of fresh food in America

Buying a bunch of bananas at the supermarket is an affordable choice. Alternatively, part of the reason that bananas are so inexpensive is due to the well-tuned food supply chain. In particular, this industry is heavily dependent on shipping bananas by truck from ripening warehouses to the supermarkets where they are purchased. Along with bananas, other common truck-dependent items found in American kitchens would be at risk such as lettuce, items made with dairy and meat.

Good-bye to non-perishable items shipped with food grade transportation

When it comes to transporting food items across America, fresh foods usually come to mind. Despite this, many of the foods that are shipped nationwide in liquid bulk are the basic components of processed foods. This means that frozen and canned foods would also be affected by a lack of easy access to food products that are transported in bulk such as oil, liquid sugar, and other liquid foods.

Reduced medical and pharmacy options

Vital products that people forget are commonly transported in food grade transfer trucks are medical items. Although they often do not end up in the marketplace where food is processed, the basic components needed to make a variety of prescription items are shipped in bulk with the same food grade transportation facilities as food. After all, in addition to needing quality control, these medical ingredients also need temperature control so they do not lose potency. Without food transport trucks distributing life-saving ingredients, thousands could lose their lives per day.

Religious people could not follow food laws

Halal and Kosher foods are highly sought out in America, and professional transportation companies are needed to ensure these religious food guidelines are carefully followed. Moreover, the cleaning of these food transportation trucks needs to be specific in accordance with religious laws. If trucks suddenly disappeared from American roads, it is likely that Kosher and Halal customers would be the first to notice shortages in their local food markets.

No trucks mean no party

If you like to party, chances are that you enjoy sipping on a nice glass of sparkling apple juice or a mixed alcohol drink. Sadly, if all of the trucks stopped running in America, the common party would have significantly fewer options. Unfortunately for party animals, some of the most common items shipped in liquid bulk by trucks are wine and alcohol.

We have the food grade tankers and transportation services you need

Whether your business needs to ship a small order or one that requires a fleet of refrigerated trucks — we have the solutions you need. To get a better idea of how Kan-Haul can help you, give us a call or contact us today. We can help you understand the ins and outs of food grade transportation, and we can show you how our superior shipping technologies put us a step above the rest. From liquid bulk plastic Flex-tank storage to top-of-the-line trucks, we are a cut above the rest for a reason. Thank you in advance for choosing Kan-Haul, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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