December 18, 2015

8 Attributes of a Quality Food Grade Carrier Company

food grade carrier companyWithin the bulk food grade transportation industry, there are certain qualities that separate the most successful for the also-rans. These include already having a strong framework in place to move such items.

Those items can include dairy products and juices that could be in danger of spoiling without proper attention. However, other staples like vegetable oil, syrups, vinegars, citrus products and any number of other food-based components also fall into this category.

For companies looking to ship such things overseas, the eight qualities below should always be attributes to seek out:

Good Communication

Even though a food grade carrier may begin its journey to a designated destination, that doesn’t mean communication should grind to a halt. State-of-the-art technology in this area is now a given, the most prominent of all being the ability to provide customers with the opportunity to check on the status of their load via their computer or smartphone.


While companies in this industry are expected to have a grasp of all potential areas relating to delivery, the international market requires a specific expertise. That’s why companies that specialize in this particular area can be invaluable, since they know all the nuances and legalities that make up this select department.

Logistics Expertise

A food grade carrier that has a special focus will already have a plan in place to make sure that the best routes are followed and the items are handled by properly trained personnel. This expertise helps reduce the overall travel costs, which means that the bottom line of the client benefits.


Adapting to the changing needs or requirements of clients should be something that’s standard operating procedure for any bulk food grade transportation company. Simply issuing a list of rigid guidelines to a client regarding what services are provided is poor form, so greater accommodation in this area can lay the groundwork for a long-lasting business relationship.

Proper Washing of Tanks

Given the products being moved, it’s imperative that the tanks carrying such items remain as clean as possible in order to avoid the danger of contamination. Such circumstances mean that any company within this industry should have an established protocol as to proper cleaning and documentation of transported items.

A Solid Track Record

It stands to reason that any food grade carrier doesn’t last long unless they possess a careful attention to detail. Placing trust of any food freight services in the hands of an up-and-coming company might be seen as less expensive, but if they fail to deliver, the client’s reputation is marred.

That means that any company with a long track record of delivering for its customers long ago established itself as a trustworthy and capable outlet. There’s no uncertainty in such situations when a choice needs to be made, since these companies have pretty much seen it all.

Regular Upkeep of Trucks

While truck breakdowns are always possible, that chance diminishes considerably when a concerted effort is made to keep each vehicle in proper working order. Companies that instill the philosophy of creating awareness for regular maintenance within their personnel help provide a window into the running of a firm, and therefore can be trusted to handle areas when the bigger picture comes into mind.

Wide Delivery Range

For many years, regular domestic transportation was sufficient enough for a food freight services company to succeed, with maybe some travels into Canada. However, in the 21st Century, a worldwide scope in this area needs to be in place.

That means having a plan to properly send such items overseas, which requires tankers to be delivered for long journeys via the water. Keeping items properly refrigerated during that extended time is an absolute necessity, which the best companies will possess.

Making the Right Call

The need for food freight services at the international level is something that only figures to grow in the years ahead. Therefore, it makes sense for a business looking to take advantage of that surging market to contact Kan-Haul today, given their status as a prime bulk food grade transportation company.

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