June 28, 2016

How Food Grade Transportation Companies Keep Food Cool in the Summer

 food grade transportation companiesThe heat that comes with every summer often feels much like the pressure that food grade transportation companies are under during those torrid months. That’s because making sure that products stay cool when being delivered is important and something that requires a great deal of effort.

In addition to food grade products, bulk alcohol transportation is also a vital segment of this overall market. Each of these aspects require transportation companies to take into account the shelf life of the items and how to keep them viable throughout the process.

Keeping Things Consistent

Refrigerated trucks are a necessity at all times of the year for such things as dairy products like milk and other perishable items. While other products might not necessarily require such attention to low temperatures, they still demand a stable environment that will need to be maintained during the course of travel.

That stability will take into account the need for different temperature concerns. That means some items may only require chilling while others absolutely need items to remain frozen.

In the summer months, that refrigeration absolutely has to be working. That’s because at that time of year, failure virtually guarantees a ruined load, since it’s estimated an unrefrigerated unit has a temperature that’s approximately 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

Removing Things More Quickly

Different arrangements when it comes to delivery come into play, since an extended period under heated conditions can potentially compromise the cargo. Therefore, food grade transportation companies work with the customer in achieving the best possible outcome in the area.

Proper Placement

One subtle way transport companies avoid problems is by making sure that the circulation inside the unit isn’t blocked by goods that are stacked to the absolute top. Not addressing that potential disaster leads to temperature changes inside.

Concentrated Maintenance is Vital

Maintenance is performed before the heat kicks in and careful attention is paid to all pertinent aspects. Certain important points have to be taken into consideration, including the length of a trip, the amount of weight that’s being carried and the actual temperature to be maintained during such travel.

Technology and Other Innovations

The use of state-of-the-art technology systems are also an important facet of this system. Having this in place immediately alerts the driver, their employer and the affected company if any immediate concerns develop. It’s also able to pinpoint exactly where the shipment in question is, allowing for precise preparation of the unloading process to be put into motion.

All of these logistics are also in place for something like bulk alcohol transportation. Such products can be protected for both domestic and international travel through the use of innovative concepts like the Flexi-Tank system. Within that is the aptly named Wine Pac, which is specifically designed to deal with wine shipping issues and protect the commodity itself.

Another option is the Iso Tank, which is properly insulated to make sure that the lengthy journey overseas fully protects the product inside. While these can also accommodate more volatile liquids, it’s a perfect consideration for those shipping wine abroad.

Proper Handling for Kosher Products

In case of Kosher foods, extra care has to be taken into consideration at all times during the year. That means that summer transport will require steam cleaning at high temperatures after each trip and making sure that the previous three trips in a specific truck didn’t handle non-kosher items.

The People to Trust

Among food grade transportation companies, Kan-Haul is one that has the experience to deal with issues that involve summer delivery of both food grade items and bulk alcohol transportation. Contact us today to make sure your cargo is fully protected.

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