July 3, 2019

Top 3 Strategies Behind the Bulk Liquid Transportation Process

Top 3 Strategies Behind the Bulk Liquid Transportation ProcessFor years, bulk liquid tankers have been making sure that liquid food products get from one end of the world to the other.

Without the hard work put in by these tankers, businesses and consumers would suffer.

Therefore, it’s important to know how exactly the bulk liquid transportation process works, because there are more techniques and skills required than might be expected.

Top 3 Strategies of Bulk Liquid Transport and Why They’re Important

Moving a product from one location to another may seem simple, but if the process is to be done correctly, there’s more that goes into it.

Here are a few tricks of the bulk liquid transportation trade that many might not be aware of.

1. State-of-the-Art Technology Goes a Long Way

A new technology called Flexitank offers a wealth of innovations for transporting bulk liquid.

As its name suggests, Flexitank is a flexible bag with a valve attached. It offers the most high quality and safest packaging currently available for transporting liquids, particularly when it comes to international transportation.

The makers of Flexitank also offer a special version that’s specifically made for the unique transportation requirements of wine.

An intuitive, accessible tracking software called LoadTracker is also available. With this, it’s easy to see where tankers are and how long it will take them to arrive at their destination.

2. The Balance of Responsibilities

There are several different responsibilities that go into running successful liquid bulk transportation companies. However, it’s important that these responsibilities are balanced and don’t take away from each other.

For instance, speed should be a focus for every delivery, but not to the detriment of safety or cleanliness. A strict standard across speed, cleanliness, and safety should be met at all times.

Keeping close tabs on every facet of transportation is especially vital when it comes to refrigeration, which adds another set of variables into the mix. The slightest mistake could result in a spoiled product, so discipline and strategy can’t be overlooked.

3. Safety Cannot Be Underestimated

In addition to adhering to the strictest tank cleaning procedures, a great bulk liquid transportation company will also follow the Juice Products Association standards in conjunction with the client’s own requirements.

It’s also important to record the three previous shipments and present this information to the shipper before loading their product.

For financial safety, all shipments need to have insurance policies, so there’s protection from pickup to delivery.

Bulk Liquid Transportation is Serious Business

When it comes to shipping a bulk liquid transport across the country – or even the globe – taking chances isn’t an option.

Liquid bulk transportation companies must adhere to a strict standard of safety for the carrier, product, and finances. Such a standard should be balanced with the other requirements of shipping, such as cleanliness and speed.

For a transportation company in the 21st century, it’s absolutely necessary to offer such innovative services as Flexitank and LoadTracker. The former will ensure that liquid products remain safe and of high quality, while the latter will allow the shipper to keep track of his or her shipment.

There are many ways to achieve bulk liquid transportation, but strategies such as those listed above are the only way to guarantee the best results.

Kan-Haul has been a part of the bulk liquid transport business for the last three decades. When deciding on who to choose for important transportation matters, be sure to contact the pros.

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