February 6, 2015

Rules for Vegetable Oil Transport

vegetable oil transportIt makes sense that there are rules for oil tankers that transport petroleum products across the ocean, but did you know that vegetable oil transport is now regulated in a similar manner? In the past 10 years, the United Nations has changed the rules for vegetable oil carriers in order to protect marine biology in case of an accident that disperses the oils. However, there are solutions that help keep your bottom line low while allowing you to transport your vegetable oils. This is made possible with flexible liquid food grade transportation tanks that are compliant and also keep quality control in check.

New Laws Affecting Food Oil Transport

Amendments to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships were subject to changes starting in 2007. This convention is the international standard for transportation regulation that is honored by America and other countries that are part of the United Nations. This document said that there were several facets of vegetable oil transportation that needed to be upgraded due to new studies that showed how those substances negatively affected marine wildlife.

Some of the regulations pertaining to vegetable oil transportation are:

  • Ships made before 2007 are grandfathered in, but those afterward must have a double bottom or pump-room when carrying bulk edible oils or other oils
  • Ships made after 2010 must have accidental oil outflow prevention in case of a collision or ship stranding
  • A new four-category categorization system for carrying food oils in bulk must be followed that determines how noxious the oils are for marine life

What These New Laws Mean to Vegetable Oil Exports

Within the revisions put in effect in 2007 and 2010, it is specified how a ship can be built to allow for proper vegetable oil carrying. The same document also talks about placement of the oils and the types of materials they can be carried in. For example, outfitted ships can carry flexible tanks with vegetable oils as long as they store them in the appropriate area of the ship.

Solutions for Land to Sea Vegetable Oil Transportation

Vegetable oil carriers that follow regulations will take the large plastic flexible tank off of the truck in the steel shipping container it was transported in and place in on the ship in the same container. It will be moved onto the ship that is certified for vegetable oil transportation. When the shipping container with the vegetable oil inside of it is placed on the ship, it must follow specific rules that it should be stored 760 millimeters from the shell plating of the ship.

Using BIG Red Flexitank for Bulk Vegetable Oil Transportation

Beyond the need to follow regulations, BIG Red Flexitank has proven to be a cut above the rest. Made in America, it is an economical and ideal way to transport vegetable oil domestically or internationally. The main advantage is that it does not take away from the taste of the product while maintaining structural integrity under duress.

Other reasons that you will find that BIG Red Flexitank is ideal for your transportation of vegetable oil needs are:

  • American manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality control guidelines
  • Easy fit saves costs on loading time
  • No return loads necessary
  • No forklift required
  • A 24-ton bulk liquid hauler only needs a 20’ container

How Bulk Shipping Reduces Your Bottom Line

Delivering your product to buyers can vary, but it usually involves spending some money on the producers’ part. Instead of spending money on getting your product ready for transport by hiring a forklift driver and truck to pick up your product from the bottlers, you simply call the transportation company and fill up the flexible tank with your oil. The bottling can be done at the distribution delivery point.

We Have All the Vegetable Oil Transport Services You Need

Now that you understand how BIG Red Flexitank can help you transport your vegetable oils across America or around the world, your next step is to call us. When it comes to food or liquid shipments of any type, we have the dependable and affordable solutions you need. We can answer any questions you have or arrange for the pick up and drop off of your product.

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